The Dojo operates according to traditional rules. It is the place dedicated to the transmission of knowledge and ethics. It is the duty of every student to respect it.

1. Each student must participate in creating a positive learning atmosphere.
2. Each student is responsible for the cleanliness of the Dojo.
3. The decision whether or not to accept a current student is the responsibility of the Chief Instructor. 
4. The dojo is a place of peace and harmony. Be part of it.
5. Renewals of sessions must be filled out and paid at least one week before the start of the next session.


1. Greet on entering and leaving the tatami.

2. Always greet the Shomen (portrait of Founder or Instructor) even when you leave the tatami. Do not turn your back on the place of acquisition of knowledge.

3. In the presence of a Sensei or Sempai, ask permission before entering the Tatami.

4. Empty your mind before entering the Tatami. Seek appeasement, harmony and peace of body and mind.

5. The course begins and ends with a formal salutation. It is essential to be on time to participate. In case of delay, be sure to wait next to the tatami until the instructor signals you to join the class.

6. The correct way to sit on the tatami is the position in Seiza. Do not stretch your legs. You must be alert and vigilant.

7. Get in line according to the order of rank and seniority

8. Do not leave the tatami during training without notifying the instructor.

9. Turn your back if you need to adjust your Karate-gi. Do not do it by facing the instructor.

10. Pay attention to the instructions and explanations of the instructor.

11. Sit down while the sensei demonstrates a technique to allow other students to see and follow the explanations.

12. Do not improvise . Follow the instructions of the instructor. .


13. Respect the highest-ranking students (Sempai). They are a source of inspiration and knowledge for you.

14. Respect your training partners.

15. Participate in group warm ups.

16. Speak as little as possible in two by two techniques. Discussions delay your progress. 

17. In two by two techniques, feel your partner. Mind and spirit take precedence over technique.

18. Do not wear jewelery during workouts. You can unintentionally hurt your colleagues.


1. Respect the teaching and philosophy of Shotokan and the Bushido Code.
2. Make a moral commitment to never use a technique to hurt others.
3. The ego hurts your learning. Do not invite him to the dojo.
4. Adopt a spirit of learning and not of competitiveness. That’s just how you’ll discover the essence and substance of a technique. 
5. Control your techniques and do not hurt your partners. 
6. Train with intensity, sincerity and perseverance.
7. Show humility, honesty and purify your mind. 
8. The Shotokan is a way of life and not a combat sport. Live it.
9. Have fun
10. Stay humble …

Welcome to the big family of Shotokan Karate!