Frequently Asked Questions

Starting at age six because karate requires sustained concentration and intense physical training.

After two sessions of four months each, you begin to learn the basics of defense and retaliate. But for movements to become automatic, it takes thousands and thousands of repetitions. Also, to effectively apply the techniques of release and riposte, it is necessary to know how to measure the distance and the timing, two elements which require a lot of hours of training. One could say that from the black belt, the practitioner begins to master and integrate these elements.

It is difficult to determine because it depends on the effort and persistence of the practitioner. In general, a person with average physical and mental fitness should be able to get the black belt after three to four years due to two to three training sessions per week including one competition and one intensive training camp per year . It should be noted that the black belt diplomas of our club come from SKIF (Shotokan International Karate Federation) and are recognized worldwide.

For beginners (white, yellow and orange belt), at the end of each four-month session. For intermediaries, every two sessions. There are always exceptions, especially when the practitioner is diligent and regularly participates in complementary activities such as winter camps, summer camps and competitions.

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